SE/Modified Diploma Path

Since HLA offers such a flexible program and does not automatically graduate students at a specific age, special needs students are able to continue their enrollment with HLA through age 22 (sometimes longer) in order to complete the graduation requirements. If longer time is needed please call. Counselors are available to assist you with your Education Plan or Personalized Course of Study. Early graduation is not allowed for Special Needs Students (before age 17 and/or less than 4 years of high school).  Senior fees apply to students seeking a Modified Diploma.


Modified Diploma

  • High school age students who are not on a high school level in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic will be a likely candidate for the Modified Diploma. (See chart below)
  • These students are capable of learning but, due to struggles in the basic 3Rs, are not able to do high school level work.
  • These are students who would require courses to be modified or adapted. Coursework for these students is flexible and can be modified to the student’s need.  Course titles should indicate the course has been adapted or modified. (See chart below)
  • These are students who would be capable of employment and able to live as independent adults.
  • HLA does not require a standard IEP like traditional schools. All HLA students have their own unique individualized learning plan as part of Goal-based Planning.
  • When registering and reporting:
    • List student in his/her specific grade level on your application. 
    • List student as SE in Applecore for grade reporting purposes. 
  • Examples of modified courses:
    • Alternative English, Modified English, Modified Foundational English 9,10,11,12
    • Modified General Science, Modified Intro Biology, Modified Life Science
    • Modified Math Foundations, Modified Basic Math
    • Reading Comprehension, Modified Language Arts
    • You will have to type in your course title as these courses will not be listed in the course drop-down menu of Applecore. 
  • High school credits should be assigned to each course when reporting grades.  
  • Early graduation is not permitted for SE students. (Before age 17 and/or in less than 4 years)



We have planning sheets and a student timeline available to help you with high school planning. There are two planning sheet options available. Choose the planning sheet that you find the most useful.

download (14)     download (15)download (5)




1 credit = A full year of study or (150 hours)
0.5 credit = A semester of study or (75 hours)

Refer to the Course Guide & Electives for a list of other courses that may be considered.

SE Modified Chart