Karen Johnson has been working diligently this school year reviewing the transcripts of our HomeLife Academy seniors. You will receive an e-mail once your student’s review is ready. If you have special circumstances and need an evaluation immediately, you may pay a $15 rush fee to get moved to the top of the list.

While we try to make sure every student is prepared for the next step after high school, it is the parent’s responsibility to check with colleges and specific scholarship programs to make sure their student has fulfilled all of their requirements in addition to HLA’s graduation requirements.

Parents are also able to ensure their student is on target by reviewing the junior evaluation and confirming all corrections have been made. You will be able to see if your student is taking the courses needed to graduate.

• Report grades, attendance and credits as soon as classes are completed.
• Makes sure all information reported in Applecore is correct.
• Once all final grades, credits and attendance have been reported, you may request the student’s diploma using the Request Manager located in your HLA account.
• Please include the student’s name and graduation date in the box when requesting the diploma.
• A counselor will review the student’s records to ensure graduation requirements have been met.
• You will be notified via e-mail if any errors or concerns are noted in the review.
• Please attend to these errors and concerns as quickly as possible. Failure to do so could delay graduation and transcripts.
• It may take several weeks for HLA to process your student’s graduation during peak graduation season. You may pay a $15 rush fee to have this process expedited.
• For those students who are taking the ACT or SAT, please make sure we have the test scores on file.

IMPORTANT: Make sure final grades for all courses have been reported before making this request. Please do not request a diploma until all classes, including dual enrollment, are completed and final grades entered. If there are extenuating circumstances and the student needs a diploma before dual enrollment courses are completed, please call our office. If the student needs the diploma for a graduation ceremony, you will need to request the diploma two to three weeks prior to the graduation.

summer_session01 Summer courses are reported on the school year preceding the summer in which they are taken. For example, Summer 2016 would be reported for the 2015/2016 school year. Summer Session begins June 1. Please report your grades for Summer Session as soon as they are completed or no later than September 15.

Graduating seniors who are continuing with classes through the summer will need to have these classes completed and grades reported no later than September 15 to avoid re-enrolling for another school year.

There are many reasons an increasing amount of students are taking five years to complete high school instead of the traditional four years.

Because students may have started school early or skipped grades, they may need another year at home to grow and mature. They may also need that year to finish up coursework or take dual enrollment5th_year01 courses to adequately prepare for college.

A student may repeat any high school grade level, but most do two senior years. To our knowledge, this has not affected any student’s ability to receive scholarships or college entrance. You only pay the Senior Fee once for that student. Since HLA does not automatically graduate a student, you would simply re-enroll for an additional year if your student needs more time to complete his/her courses. A student could graduate in December if a full year is not needed.

Contact the college for requirements such as ACT/SAT scores, applications, deadlines, etc.
•Each college has its own form for you to fill out and send by e-mail or fax to HLA, so we can fill out and sign the Principal/Counselor section.
•We will return the form to the college (or parent) along with an official transcript, which you can request using the Request Manager.
•Please plan ahead as this process can take several weeks.
•You may pay a $15 rush fee to have this process expedited.
•If you have a contact person’s name, it helps to include this in the college address.
•Grades need to be current so we can send a current transcript.
IMPORTANT: For dual enrollment in Florida, contact Karen Johnson.
IMPORTANT: If we discover corrections are needed, we will contact you by e-mail and/or telephone. Please check your e-mail and voice messages regularly. If we cannot reach you and corrections are not made within 30 days, your request will be canceled.

Fall and winter is when seniors need to take the ACT/SAT for college admissions and scholarships. Please put HLA’s CEEB code (431-423) when you register for these tests so they will send us the scores. We will put the highest score on the student’s transcript unless you give us other instructions. Please note the military academies, UT Knoxville and other colleges superscore, so ask us to send all ACT and/or SAT test scores with the highest subscores.

HLA students must get at least a 21 on the ACT to qualify for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship. When you request transcripts for colleges, please do one of the following, but not both.

1. Give the college the name and e-mail address of our Senior Counselor, Lani Carey, lani@homelifeacademy.com. The college will e-mail her the link to upload the student’s official transcript.

2. If the college wants the transcript mailed, put a request in the Request Manager in your HLA account and we will mail it to them. Please let us know if you have special instructions and if you want the portfolio sent as well.

If you need a recommendation letter, please request it through the Request Manager or the college’s online system, Common Application or other, and follow the directions on our High School pages under the Financial Aid/Scholarships tab. If the college is requesting the recommendation letter or form, you do not need to also request it through the Request Manager in your HLA account.

Follow these guidelines when completing paperwork and applications for college.

college_bound01 College Applications
List HomeLife Academy as the school on all college applications, even if you have listed your student as a homeschooler, because we provide an official transcript. You will not send any official records to the colleges.
List your student as a homeschooler when filling out the FAFSA application. Do not list HomeLife Academy. They do not have any Category IV umbrella schools on their list of schools and it could slow down the process if you put HLA.
ncaa01 NCAA
Let us know if your student is applying for an NCAA scholarship as early as possible so we can make sure the courses and descriptions on the transcript are listed correctly and will be accepted by them. If you have any questions, please
e-mail Lani Carey.

What should I do if a college has questions regarding HLA’s diploma?

If the college you are working with has questions regarding HLA or the diploma, please e-mail one of our high school counselors. We will send the college our credentials and High School Profile, and, if needed, contact the college to answer any further questions. questions01

Florida Bright Futures information

Read the 2015-2016 Bright Futures Handbook. The Bright Futures application is now open.

The HomeLife Academy process is the following:

Please fill out the Bright Futures application. All HomeLife Academy students in Florida are private school students, so register with Bright Futures as a private school student. HomeLife Academy is located in Orange County. Make sure to fill out everything, including your address.

Volunteer hours
Parents need to submit all student volunteer hours on letterhead from each person/institution in which they have volunteered to Karen Johnson. It should include: student’s name, brief description of the work they did, number of hours they worked, a contact person and telephone number. If the person/institution does not have letterhead, that is fine. E-mail Karen Johnson or mail a copy to our office.

Contact Toni at (888) 560-0774, ext. 3508 to pay the HLA Bright Futures processing fee of $25 as soon as possible.

You need to go to the Request Manager AFTER you have completed all of these steps and request a transcript to be processed, adding the student name in the box as well as Bright Futures (ex: John Doe – Bright Futures.) Go to Member Login and log into your HLA account to access your Request Manager.

NOTE: Florida colleges require students to take Government and Economics and have a minimum of 24 total credits.

Please e-mail Karen your student’s social security number once you have requested the Bright Futures transcript.

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