should I homeschool

On July 26, HomeLife Academy opened its doors to the community of Jackson, Tennessee. There are tons of people in our community who are thinking about homeschooling and have many questions that Google can’t answer. They have personal, related-to-them questions and we desperately wanted to answer.

“Should I Homeschool?” was designed specifically for those families thinking about homeschooling but not having all of the information. It was for those families that see their friends’ homeschooling successes but aren’t sure how to achieve those themselves. We wanted to show them that they would have a huge support system through this endeavor.

During the ninety-minute event, topics stretching from the homeschooling laws to ten reasons why you should homeschool were touched.

“I learned so much! It was a fantastic informational event and I feel more confident about the foundations of homeschooling,” an attendee said.

HLA loved the opportunity to get to know non-HLA families, hear their stories and answer questions that will impact decisions. We look forward to hosting another event just like this one.

should I homeschool

If you were unable to attend, we recorded this LIVE for you to stream. Check out our main Facebook page!

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