Christian Education Funding…Small Change Project

Make a “Small Change” and make a “BIG DIFFERENCE”

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Here’s how it works:

Get the Small Change application on your mobile device.

Enroll with the credit or debit card that you use for your everyday transactions…getting gas, buying groceries, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks…

Select HLA’s Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund in the application as the designated recipient of your gifting contributions.  And that’s it … you’re in!

Then, every time you use your enrolled card(s) we round up the amount to the nearest whole dollar and send the funds to HLA for their Scholarship Fund.

You don’t have to change anything about your spending habits.

You can “pause” your contributions any time and re-start when you want.

There are no pre-loaded cards and nothing to carry around.

You make one simple principled and purposeful decision, and then Christian Education Funding through their Small Change Project does the rest.

It’s simple, secure, and completely under your control.

These funds are used to help other homeschooling families who may be struggling financially due to job loss, income loss or family illness.  Need-based scholarships are thoughtfully prayed over before funds are distributed.