There are different types of recognition your graduating student may receive, but often fulfilling the requirements begin in the years before your child receives their diploma. Becoming a Tennessee Scholar is one of those recognitions that has academic, as well as volunteer hour, requirements. Earning both begins as early as a student’s freshman year in high school.

Picture courtesy of Tennessee Scholars Nonprofit.

Picture courtesy of Tennessee Scholars Nonprofit.

The Tennessee Scholars program was started by Eastman Chemical Company in 1994 “to increase the percentage of Tennessee high school graduates prepared for post-secondary education, the workforce or the military.” Originally called AIMS Scholars, it underwent another name change this year and is now called Tennessee Scholars Nonprofit. For the past 12 years, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce has been the home of the statewide rewards and incentives program that has benefited more than 35,000 students since its inception.

Any Tennessee high school student is eligible to become a Tennessee Scholar. There are academic as well as requirements for attendance, discipline and volunteer service. Because some of the requirements are for four years, students should prepare before high school, as early as the eighth grade, to determine the correct path to ensure they meet the scholarship criteria.


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Additional Workforce Development Requirements
1. No Out of School Suspension.
2. Maintain 95 percent attendance for four years (No more than 36 total days missed in four years).
3. Maintain a C or above average in all classes. If your final class completion grade is a D or F, you must retake that class and make at least a C to count that grade for the class.
4. Perform 80 hours or more volunteer service hours to help your community. These hours must be done before school or after school and cannot be counted as a grade or for pay. Mission trips can be counted as eight hours per day you work. Please make sure you keep a log of your hours.

The requirements are ones any college-bound student would complete. Fulfilling these requirements will open the opportunity for a student to become eligible to receive scholarships to a number of prominent universities. Students receive Tennessee Promise funding. They will also be recognized during graduation, as well as for their lifetime, as a Tennessee Scholar. Many job recruiters seek these students first, because of their preparedness.

You may learn more about the Tennessee Scholars program and how to apply by contacting HLA counselor Lani Carey at (888) 560-0774 or by e-mail.

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