Letter from Mike Donnelly of HSLDA:

Dear HomeLife Academy,

It is exciting to see that nearly 200 delegates from 20 nations are committing to attend the conference!  The impact and program of the first-ever global home education conference will be historic as people from every region of the globe convene in Berlin to address the challenges and opportunities of the global home education movement.

Because of increased interest and support from generous organizations and individuals, we are now able to extend the early registration of only €175 to October 16th—after that the registration rate increases to €225.  Please, don’t wait to register as the conference is filling quickly.  May I ask you to spread the word to others who should come?  We are particularly interested in encouraging policy makers and other home education leaders!

I am also pleased to tell you about a special scholarship opportunity for those who qualify.  The organizing board has been approached by several generous individuals and organizations who wish to give toward scholarships. If a grant would help you, your organization, or someone you know to attend, we want to hear from you as soon as possible.  When you contact us at info@GHEC2012.org, please give us as detailed an explanation as possible about you, your interest or connection with home education and how much of a scholarship would help you attend the GHEC!

As the time of this historic event approaches, the entire board is very excited to see more and more momentum and enthusiasm building.  By gathering together from all over the world in Berlin, Germany, we can have an impact in favor of home education! Take a moment now to register at the extended early registration rate and stand for freedom!

With Warmest Regards,

The GHEC 2012 Executive Committee
Jonas Himmelstrand, Dagmar Neubronner, Michael Donnelly, and Rogers Hellman,