How to Request Your Diploma


Please make note of the important following information

  • HomeLife Academy does not automatically graduate a senior upon completion of graduation requirements.
  • Parents must request the diploma when the student is ready to graduate. This can be done whenever coursework is complete and final grades have been entered in Applecore.
  • Deadline to request the diploma is September 15 of the following school year. 
  • Failure to request the diploma will result in your student being withdrawn unless the student re-enrolls as a 5th-year senior (see important information below).
  • Students must meet the minimum graduation requirements in order to receive a diploma from HomeLife Academy.
  • The $50 Senior fee should be paid prior to requesting the diploma.
  • Request your student’s diploma BEFORE requesting the final transcript.
  • If your student is college bound you MUST request a final transcript to be sent to the college AFTER requesting the diploma. This way your student’s transcript will show the official graduation date.
  • Note concerning the Graduation date – The date you put when requesting the diploma will be considered their “official” graduation date.  This date will be put on the diploma and transcript. Consider this date when applying for colleges and scholarships.

Report grades, credits, and attendance as soon as courses are completed. Students finishing up courses during the summer term read here for important information.


All final grades, credits, and attendance should be reported before requesting the diploma.


Review ALL high school course information entered in Applecore. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure ALL information reported in Applecore (course titles, credits, grades, etc) is 100% correct before requesting transcripts and the diploma.


HLA will not make changes once a student is graduated and/or official transcripts have been sent to schools and colleges.


It may take several weeks for HLA to process your student’s graduation during peak graduation season. You may pay a $15 rush fee to have this process expedited.


For those students who are taking the ACT or SAT, please make sure we have test scores on file.



Follow these steps to request your diploma:

blue checkLogin to myHLA and click on Request Manager. Select one of the following: Diploma with a cover – $25 OR Diploma without a cover (no additional charge)


blue checkEnter the Student’s Name in the comment box. Enter a separate diploma request for each student if you have more than one student graduating.


blue checkEnter the graduation date from the calendar.


blue checkCounselors will verify graduation requirements are met and that all fees have been paid.


blue checkOutgoing Records Team will print the diploma and mail to your home, along with the final transcript.



IMPORTANT: Make sure final grades for all courses, grades, and credits have been reported as well as attendance before making this request.

If your senior will be participating in a graduation ceremony, you will need to request the diploma 2 to 3 weeks prior to the graduation. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD as this process does take time during the busy graduation season.

For situations where final grades will not be reported before the graduation ceremony, please have your graduation coordinator contact Diane with a list of  HLA graduates and we will verify graduation readiness. Parents can also use the 12th grade Transcript Review showing readiness.


IMPORTANT: If we see errors that need correcting in Applecore, we will contact you by email and/or phone. Please check email and voice messages regularly. If we cannot reach you and corrections are not made within 30 days, your request will be canceled.


IMPORTANT: No diplomas will be granted without final grades entered. Spring semester grades are due on or before June 15. If your student needs additional time or will be taking summer courses, coursework must be completed by August 15. Final grades must be reported by September 15. Diplomas must also be requested no later than September 15. Any senior whose coursework is not complete and diploma not requested before September 15 must register for the new school year to graduate. The graduation date will be after the completion of those courses. Students who do not graduate and do not re-enroll for the new school year will be withdrawn from HLA. Final grades not submitted by September 15, for coursework completed in the previous school year, will require additional fees and special approval by a counselor for acceptance.  This may also result in the student being required to submit an ACT or SAT score prior to receiving a diploma.