stoaThe Stoa Christian Homeschool Speech & Debate (Stoa USA) National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) is coming to Union University in Jackson, Tennessee and your help is needed. The organization is seeking volunteers to perform as judges for the competition, which will be held Monday, May 29 through Saturday, June 3, 2017.

The first question you are probably asking yourself is what is Stoa? Well, that is a perfectly good question to ask. The answer is Stoa is a Christian homeschool speech and debate competition for junior and senior high school students. Now that you know what Stoa is, you are probably wondering what it means. A stoa is “an ancient Greek portico usually walled at the back with a front colonnade designed to afford a sheltered promenade,”* which was commonly for public use. Read an article about the word “Stoa” written by the founder of the organization, Scott York, in 2009. The NITOC is held each year in late May or early June.

The competitors are ready and all that is needed are people to judge at the tournament. Stoa is looking for 800 people – parents, youth pastors, teachers, coaches, legal/law enforcement, part-time workers, small business owners, medical workers, builders – just about anyone who has time on the days the tournament is held. So, if you have time, Stoa wants you! There is no experience necessary to be a judge. All needed training and orientation will be provided when you arrive to judge at the event. The training session lasts 25 minutes. Judges are asked to work at least one time slot, which is two-hours, during the tournament. If you are able, you may sign up for more time slots. Judges will enjoy food and hospitality areas along with free parking.

You may register online for judging time slots now. Contact E-mail Lana Thornton or e-mail Patsy Butman for more information.

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