By Lani Carey, High School Counselor


ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS – This month I, Lani Carey, would like to discuss how to use the Planning Sheets in the High School section of our website to plan out your student’s high school education.

When your student enters the ninth grade, or transfers to HomeLife Academy in high school, one of the first things you need to do is to print off a Planning Sheet from our High School page under the Planning Sheet heading. While we only have one set of requirements for high school graduation, we do have two Planning Sheets available. Planning Sheet A just lists our basic requirements, while Planning Sheet B has suggestions for a 4 year college-bound student. You, the parent, are responsible for knowing what your student needs to graduate and keeping up with your high-schooler’s subjects and grades. We have given you the tools and all the information you need on our High School pages.

Every year beginning in your student’s 10th grade year, we do a Transcript Review, just to make sure everything is entered correctly and that you haven’t missed anything. We will send you an email with a chart showing all the credits your student has completed, ones that are In Progress, and the credits still needed to graduate. This should correspond with your Planning Sheet. If corrections need to be made, please make them as soon as possible, but there is no need for us to do another Transcript Review until the next year. If you have questions about the Transcript Review, you can email a high school counselor.

We began doing the Transcript Reviews (formerly called Transcript Evaluations) a couple of years ago to help you as the parent correct errors before your student’s senior year and to help make sure that you didn’t overlook anything. It is very important that you make these changes as soon as possible so that your transcript is ready for review the next year.

There are many parents who depend on us to email them the Transcript Review each year before they enter their student’s subjects in AppleCore for the new school year. You should be using your Planning Sheets and your previous year’s Transcript Review to determine what courses are needed for the new school year.

Since the summer is our busiest time of year, we begin reviews in September, the end of our enrollment season.  These reviews require much attention and focus and we want to be able to provide you the best and most accurate information.

I hope this helps you in planning for your student’s high school graduation. We are here to help you with curriculum choices, college and career planning, etc., and are happy to provide you with transcripts and recommendation letters when needed. You can make these requests and others, including counselor calls, through the Request Manager in your account. I hope you are all having a wonderful , stress-free school year so far! If not, and you have some problems you need to discuss, we are here for that, too. Please feel free to call or email your counselor.