Submit one form for each Newly Enrolled K-8 GRADE STUDENT (Grade K students who have never attended school can omit this form). You do not need to fill this out if your student is currently enrolled with us and returning for 2018/2019. This is only for NEW students being added or students that were withdrawn and coming back to HLA.

Thank you for applying for enrollment with HLA. Please take a few moments to complete this supplemental application. We need some additional information concerning your student’s situation. We will not process your application until this additional information has been submitted.

Students must be in good academic standing with no disciplinary or legal issues. Your student may be accepted as conditional enrollment and placed in our HLA-NEST Program. If previous school records indicate different information from the information provided on this supplemental application, your student will be dismissed from HLA with no refund. If you are unsure, please contact our office before applying at 888-560-0774.

Supplemental Application for K-8 Grade Students

  • Complete one form for each student​.