For more than 20 years, clipping and collecting Box Tops has enabled people to earn cash for schools by simply purchasing the items they regularly buy. For our HomeLife Academy (HLA) families, the steps have been as simple as clipping the Box Top from the package of the product and mailing them to us. That sounds easy enough for some people, but has been challenging for others. Clipping and collecting takes time, and sometimes the empty package makes it to the garbage before anyone remembers to clip. Whether you are faithful when it comes to clipping or just want to be, collecting Box Tops to support HLA’s annual fundraiser has just gotten easier. Box Tops for Education has gone digital.

Many HLA families have contributed to our Box Tops fundraiser over the years. They have faithfully clipped and mailed in the labels, enabling HLA to award families with registration scholarships. Over the years of the program, HLA has also awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to qualifying HLA families. We thank all of you who helped make that happen.

Our goal is to continue supporting homeschool families, which HLA now does through the Homeschool CARE Foundation, established in 2018. Proceeds from the Box Tops program are now directed into that foundation. Your contribution through Box Tops and cash donations has already made a difference in the lives of many families through the Homeschool CARE Foundation.

With the move to digital, you may use a cell phone or other electronic device to donate. Just download the new Box Tops for Education app (or on Google Play) and start shopping from a list of hundreds of participating products you may already use every day in your home. After you make your purchase, take a picture of your receipt within 14 days and HLA will earn cash for your purchase. The result is the same, but the steps are easier.

HLA will continue to earn cash for as many or as few Box Tops you submit, but we are no longer holding the annual contest. Each box top adds up to cash earnings and we are putting that money towards the Homeschool CARE Foundation scholarship division and the families it serves. Each year, HLA will match the money earned. You do not even have to be an HLA family to apply your Box Tops earnings to our school. After you download the app, add HomeLife Academy as the recipient school and the earnings will be applied. Through the app, you can track the number of digital Box Tops you collect.

The physical clips are being phased out by Box Tops, so HLA is no longer accepting them. Hopefully, the new and easier way of submitting Box Tops will encourage more families to participate in the program.

If you are looking for another way you can be a blessing and support an HLA family, you may learn more and contribute to the Homeschool C.A.R.E. Foundation (HCF) today.

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