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Should the Next Stop be College?

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When I was growing up, my plans after high school were already in place. I knew, without question, my next step was going to college. The decision was not forced on me, but was something we did in my family. Once we finished high school, we moved on to college. College was (and still is

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Teenagers: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

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One of the perks of being a parent of a teenager is being able to leave them “home alone”. They know not to answer the door to strangers, not to invite their friends over for a wild party and not to burn the house down! Seriously, after having raised your child for 13 years, you

So You Want to Be a Tennessee Scholar?

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There are different types of recognition your graduating student may receive, but often fulfilling the requirements begin in the years before your child receives their diploma. Becoming a Tennessee Scholar is one of those recognitions that has academic, as well as volunteer hour, requirements. Earning both begins as early as a student’s freshman year in

Dual Enrollment Legislation for Florida Families

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This article concerns legislation that seeks to provide equal access to Dual Enrollment courses for Florida private school students.  This applies to HomeLife students, since we are classified as a private school in the state of Florida. This article was reprinted with permission from an email sent by the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools