Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day (Week) 2017 with HLA #HSTA

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There is no doubt about it. Homeschool teachers deserve to be celebrated. It has happened for many years, but officially since 2014 when Apologia Ministries created Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day #HSTA. The one-day event is usually held late April when school is about to wind down. Our children are not the only ones who have

Celebrate 2016 #HSTA Day With HLA

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Hey homeschool teacher. Are you feeling underappreciated today? That may not be a feeling you are experiencing now, but it could happen. In 2014, Apologia Educational Ministries realized the need to recognize homeschool teachers for their “hard work and dedication throughout the year”, so it created Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day (#HSTA), which will be held