It is with great pride that we announce the 2020 TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Natacha Trammell!

Taylor – Age 11:

My mom is the best teacher ever because,
My mom fought in the United States Army. She received an amputation of her left arm. She also developed a nerve disease because of the IED explosion that she faced.
Throughout all of that, my mom still gets up and teaches me daily.
Momma also works hard to handle my little brother. He has Autism and he is developmentally delayed. She teaches him while teaching me.
Momma deals with depression.  She says that its obvious that she has depression. I’m not sure what depression is. All I know this that my mom still takes care of us, she still loves us and she works hard to make sure that we are loved, wanted, cherished, and needed. All while being amputated.
This is why my mom deserves to be nominated as the BEST mom/teacher ever.

Jason – Age 9:

My mom is awesome. I have autism, and I dont like to read or do Language Arts. My mom helps me. She reads with me and helps me with big words. She also quit our Language Arts class and helped me find something else that I would be good at.
Did you know my mom was in the Army. She lost her arm fighting in the war. She was in another country and she got blown up. She’s ok though.
Mommy helps me make breakfast, she teaches me math. I like math, I’m in 4th grade math. She also helps me with science.
If you don’t know my mommy you should. She wants to protect others, she takes care of me, and she gives everything she has to others.
My mom is a Christian, she teaches me about God and why God loves me.
My mom also wants to help others. She is a leader in a Girl Scout Troop. She helps her girls learn more about God and how to be a good Girl Scout.
I love my mommy and I am proud of her.