I just wanted HLA to know that your counselors are the very best and I don’t know what I would do or have would have done without them.  I am looking forward to working with Margie Abbitt and want to thank HLA for providing parents as well as the students counselors that give their time, effort, love, spirit and guidance that goes above and beyond.  Thank you for everything and we are proud to be part of the HLA family.  We are truly blessed.

I wanted to share how wonderful Margie Abbitt is as our new counselor.  Ms. Margie took her own time late last night to contact me to walk me through all the nuances of setting up an education program, helped me understand things that had me confused, and also helped me in finding the very best spiritual and education goals for my son.

She patiently and kindly guided me through any questions I had, and gave me the support that eradicated my fears and also expressed faith in my abilities that I desperately needed as time goes so fast and the word “high school” was becoming terrifying.  She also took the time to talk to me about my son, what his likes are, what he is interested in, and was just an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to speak to.  She helped me form an education plan that is exciting and seems to be very geared for my son.  …I just had to send an email letting HLA know that I am thrilled to have Ms. Margie’s support for the upcoming high school journey, as she instantly became a person I know will be with us with nothing but love and positivity during this new journey and I could not be more blessed or thankful for her and her knowledge and kindness.

I also want to note and thank Calente Tapp, who has been a wonderful and also extremely supportive counselor during my son’s elementary school years and we have been blessed to have had her support and guidance as well, as she is a lovely and wonderful individual that also spent a lot of time aiding and guiding us through our 1st leg of the journey.