• I am sure you hear this often - or at least I hope you do - I don't know what I would've done without Homelife this year.  You have made her Senior year so much easier.  Being able to look at the website and get information that we need to confidently fill out all these forms has been so helpful.  Knowing that you all are just an email away has been so reassuring.  I appreciate it so much!



    I can't thank you enough for all the help I received from everyone at HomeLife Academy! I have now graduated two girls through HomeLife, and both experiences were fantastic! One received an academic scholarship, and the other one I just graduated this semester and she received a volleyball scholarship. Your help with the NCAA eligibility center was priceless. Everyone is so loving and helpful the many times I call. I tell everyone I talk with to give you a look at and call and talk with you. Thank you so much!


  • We really can't imagine using anyone but HomeLife Academy. Y'all make it easy and take out the guesswork, and I've found lots of help as needed along the way from counselors at various stages. I also LOVE knowing that our children's transcripts are being kept updated through HomeLife as well, and everything for our college freshman went off without a hitch as he applied and was accepted into his top choice of UT Knoxville with an academic scholarship I might add! Every college we've visited--UTK, MS State, MTSU, TN Tech, and UAH--have spoken highly of HLA by the way. It is so reassuring to know our college-bound children are covered in regards to paperwork for college admission.


  • You guys are the most amazing people to work with. You make what seems daunting so easy and doable.

    Monica I.

  • I checked into a lot of different umbrella schools, and you have the best customer service!  You’ve been so friendly & helpful….and this is from someone who just moved from out of state (Seattle, WA) and knows NOTHING about umbrella schools!


  • I am so excited that Margie encouraged me and then helped me switch from HSRO to Applecore.
    It is so much easier to use with the ability to copy and paste things more quickly. I did grade entry in record time.
    Thanks for all Home Life Academy does to make me a more confident homeschool mom.


  • I just wanted HLA to know that your counselors are the very best and I don't know what I would do or have would have done without them.  I am looking forward to working with Margie Abbitt and want to thank HLA for providing parents as well as the students counselors that give their time, effort, love, spirit and guidance that goes above and beyond.  Thank you for everything and we are proud to be part of the HLA family.  We are truly blessed.

    I wanted to share how wonderful Margie Abbitt is as our new counselor.  Ms. Margie took her own time late last night to contact me to walk me through all the nuances of setting up an education program, helped me understand things that had me confused, and also helped me in finding the very best spiritual and education goals for my son.

    She patiently and kindly guided me through any questions I had, and gave me the support that eradicated my fears and also expressed faith in my abilities that I desperately needed as time goes so fast and the word "high school" was becoming terrifying.  She also took the time to talk to me about my son, what his likes are, what he is interested in, and was just an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to speak to.  She helped me form an education plan that is exciting and seems to be very geared for my son.  ...I just had to send an email letting HLA know that I am thrilled to have Ms. Margie's support for the upcoming high school journey, as she instantly became a person I know will be with us with nothing but love and positivity during this new journey and I could not be more blessed or thankful for her and her knowledge and kindness.

    I also want to note and thank Calente Tapp, who has been a wonderful and also extremely supportive counselor during my son's elementary school years and we have been blessed to have had her support and guidance as well, as she is a lovely and wonderful individual that also spent a lot of time aiding and guiding us through our 1st leg of the journey.


  • We are now ending this phase of our lives as our last child is graduating from High School and we so greatly appreciate all the support, advice, and services that HomeLife has given us and helped make this journey easier and less stressful!  Thank you again for the years that HomeLife Academy has served our family.

    The Whitley Family

  • Dear Homelife Academy, you are all great and truly a Blessing, we appreciate all of you very much and are very thankful, keep up the super work...Thanks so much for all you all do, [we] realize you are all busy especially at this time of year, we just wanted to send a friendly thanks and let you all know we really appreciate you all, God Bless you all and if we can ever be of assistance in any way please let us know.

    The Rector Family

  • Hi, I wanted to greet you with celebration after graduating from HomeLife Academy in 2012. I just graduated with my first masters from Covenant Theological Seminary, in St. Louis, MO, this past Friday. And, I start my counselor-in-training internship on June 6th for the final year at seminary as I pursue licensure as a counselor and probably proceed to become a counselor educator through a PhD. I recommend you!


  • With your help in following up with admissions at WKU, that scholarship went from $2,500 to $4,000. This makes a tremendous difference to our family, and we are very grateful.


  • Thank you so much for this information! It is incredibly helpful! We appreciate all that Homelife Academy does for us! You will always go the extra mile to help us in anything that we need and we deeply appreciate it!


  • Thanks for all your help.  I just can't believe my homeschooling journey has come to an end.  Homelife Academy has been the most wonderful partner with our family and I will dearly miss you all.


  • Thank you so much! You and the rest of the Home Life staff have been such a blessing to us over the past few years. Blessings!


  • You are fabulous !!
    The information is amazing and will help us greatly over the next 3 years of HS!!
    Have a Wonderful weekend !!
    Thank you always for your valuable time and effort!
    Take good care always!


  • I have submitted all P...'s grades.  I want to Thank HomeLife Academy for all of their help and making our homeschooling experience wonderful...


  • Thank you all so much for helping us raise such a talented blessing to us.  You were there with C... every step and I think you are the best choice for anyone wanting to keep God in school and prayer.  Thanks and God Bless you all!