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The Third Wave of Homeschool Persecution
Volume 102, Program 26
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The first wave of opposition to homeschooling asserted that home education couldn’t deliver academic excellence. Then they said it couldn’t provide adequate socialization. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris describes the next wave of opposition.

Mike Farris:
There’s a third wave of argument that seeks to curtail or crush the homeschooling movement—specifically, the Christian homeschooling movement—and it’s coming. You need to know about it. You need to get ready to fight it.

Unlike the first two waves, which were based on faulty factual assertions, this one is based on, essentially, a true factual premise. I doubt that many of you have any idea of the intensity and breadth of the elitist movement that’s taking dead aim at the Christian homeschooling movement. Now when you read their material, they exaggerate the facts, they invent hypothetical examples that are so far-fetched as to be laughable; but when you dig down deep and look honestly at their charges, they’re essentially correct.

Here’s their assertion. Christian homeschooling parents are effectively transmitting values to their children that the elitists believe are dangerous to the well-being of both these children and society as a whole.

What are those values?

Homosexuality is a sin. Men should be the leaders of their families. Jesus is the only way to God. All other religions are false.

I could go on. But what the elitists really object to is the set of religious beliefs that they label as fundamentalist Christianity.

Next time, I’m going to read actual quotes from the liberal elite to show you why they want to silence us—and how they plan to do it.

I’m Mike Farris.