Here is a question that comes up each year:
Will the word “Home” in “HomeLife Academy” make a difference legally? Or will the word on a diploma hurt my student’s chances of getting into a good college?

When we first started thinking and praying for a name this was
certainly on my mind. I loved the name HomeLife Academy because of the
words HOME and LIFE. They both have deep significance in what we’re
doing. However, we considered for quite awhile what ramifications there
might be for students wanting to get into good colleges. After some
prayer and advice seeking we decided to stick with our favorite for the following reasons.

with homeschoolers winning top prizes at National Spelling and
Geography Bees, college administrators are sitting up and taking
notice. Some colleges even have special recruiters now
for homeschool applicants. The positive perception of homeschooled
students is gaining national attention. Colleges/Universities are
now expect homeschooled students to be ahead of the average in
academic and social areas. Christian colleges/universities are
expecting above average in these as well as spiritual areas. With
over 800 graduates so far we have already experienced a great thing:
the successes of homeschooled students is so well documented that the
name HomeLife Academy has actually become an incentive to
Here is why.


In our experience colleges/universities are most concerned about
ACT/SAT scores because that is what they use, not only for admission
standards, but for promoting their own school. If a
student scores a 21 to 27 on the ACT in the state of TN (21 is the
state average) colleges/universities will often grant some partial
academic scholarship. Anything higher than a 27 and most students can
get nearly a full scholarship. This is regardless of the name on the
high school diploma. Because ACT/SAT scores are so important we have dedicated an entire topic to helping students prepare.


using the name “Home” in HomeLife Academy does not create a legal issue
because home education is indeed legal. We have nothing to hide. If
home education was illegal then we would reconsider as I’m sure we
would all desire to teach our own children.

So, with nothing to
hide and every reason to declare your family is homeschooling, we think
the word “Home” in HomeLife Academy is a great addition.