After years of attempting to pay our growing expenses with the fees we put in place in 2003 we are going to have to raise them just a little bit.  This decision was very difficult for us because we look at HLA as a ministry. However, we set out to build the best school possible and do whatever is necessary to meet your needs, create a great reputation, and establish a long term presence in the homeschooling community.
To maintain this momentum, keep the high standard of excellence in place, and achieve the goals set forth in the remainder of this email,
beginning December 1st. 2010, our fees will be raised to the following:

  • $50 Annual Processing Fee Per Family
  • Plus $20 Each K-8th Student
  • Plus $40 Each 9th-12th Student
  • $150 Max Per Family

Senior Fee – $50 Per Senior (Not included in family maximum.)

Transfer Fee – $50 Per Family (Not included in family maximum.)

All FIRST TIME home educators registering between Sept. 1st and May 1st will be required to pay a ONE TIME transfer fee of $50.

Notice: The $50 Annual Processing Fee is not "$50 for the first student"
as it was in 2003 through 2010. Instead, this is the base
processing fee per year, per family upon which the fees for K-8th and 9th-12th students are added.

Our staff and counselors
are thrilled to work for you everyday, and our excitement is growing
even more this year as we look ahead at some really incredible
improvements! By the way, please don't ever let finances keep you from re-enrolling – payment plan options are available.
We will not turn anyone down due to financial difficulties. Please contact us if you need payment arrangements. Also, please consider donating to help another family in need or help us raise funds through Box Tops. Thank you.

Reasons for the Fee Increase
Here are a few of the main reasons for the fee increase, as well as our goals for this next year, listed in order of importance:

  1. Rising Cost of Expenses: This is the main reason for the fee increase.
  2. Hire More Staff: We need two or three more people in the office to help answer phones and respond to needs more quickly.
  3. Improve Phone System: Once again, we need to upgrade our phone system in order to better manage calls and more efficiently serve families.
  4. Add More Resources: As a ministry, we have so many more ideas for helpful resources for you, in both the Elementary and High School years.
  5. Improve Member Login: Some of these changes are already in the works (below). The goal is to better serve you with these changes. 

These are just a few of the main goals for this next year. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me directly. And thanks for the tremendous and supportive response so far! We are so blessed to serve such wonderful folks! – David

I appreciate your organization and think the fee is entirely reasonable.

Lord bless,

Denise , Orlando


I see this increase as a blessing and will joyfully pay extra if it means our family of homeschoolers is growing. What a blessing! God bless and thanks for all you do!

The Robertson Family of Christiana

Keep up the good work. Although I was disappointed that the fees went up the year after we started, I also realize what the product is worth. If you are interested in suggestions, I always have them.

Thank you David for all the updates. We understand and support the decision made for the fee increase.

I just wanted to be another voice of reason. For the service you provide it is a very economical price. I looked at others and they were much higher and more concerned about selling me things than providing services.



You all are Richly Blessed of the Lord, Highly Favored & Deeply Loved by Him! And You are Greatly Appreciated by us!


The Meeks Family 🙂