High School Transcript Reviews


Transcript Reviews are a communication tool to help ensure students are on target for graduation. Please use this annual transcript review when planning for the next school year.  The review will be based on the most current data in Applecore as of the date of the review.  An HLA counselor will automatically review your student’s transcript prior to being issued a diploma.  

HORIZONS-3  All students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 will receive an annual Transcript Review.  Use your annual Transcript Review to plan for the upcoming school year.

HORIZONS-3  Compare this Review with your Planning Sheet and make adjustments as needed.

HORIZONS-3  Since your student will only receive one Transcript Review per year, it is important that your education plan is entered in Applecore at the beginning of the school year. Please be sure all records are correct and up to date.  

HORIZONS-3  You will receive an email notifying you when your Transcript Review is ready.

HORIZONS-3  Please pay special attention to any comments or recommendations that may be noted in the Review.  Any changes or corrections that may be needed should be completed ASAP.

HORIZONS-3  Failure to make necessary changes or corrections could cause a delay with transcripts and diplomas.  No revisions will be accepted once official transcripts have been sent.


The Review is simply a communication/planning tool for your use. THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT.


Why are credits different on my review than they appear in Applecore?

You may notice some credit values listed differently on the Transcript Review than what is listed in Applecore for that same course.  The credit value that is listed on the Review represents what HLA will accept towards HLA’s graduation requirements.  For example, if a student transfers to HLA from another school, this will let you see how credits are being transferred and counted towards the HLA diploma.

Why is my student’s science course showing up as an elective, and will it show up that way on my transcript?

You may notice a core course has been re-assigned to the elective category.  When an additional core course is taken, the additional course will be used to satisfy elective requirements.  For example, if a student takes an extra Science course beyond the 3 required for graduation, the additional course will be re-assigned as an elective.  This has been done by the counselor in order to properly calculate the number of credits needed to graduate.  However, the course will not appear on the transcript as an elective.