Transfer to HLA at any time.  

Students can transfer to HLA at any time during the school year even during their senior year. Please read below for important information.

Students transferring from another high school (public, private, satellite, cover or umbrella school):

  • HLA will request records from the last school your child attended.
  • Once those records are received in our office, HLA will transfer any high school courses and credits earned to the student’s online account.
  • In most cases, grades and credits will be transferred to the HLA transcript exactly as they appear on the previous school’s transcript. Exception – Credits from California or similar states may have the credits adjusted to match TN credit values.
  • When a school provides quarter grades, these will be entered into the student’s grading account so they can be averaged with the parent’s quarter grade for a final semester grade.
  • HLA will email you once records are received in our office.
  • Since seniors’ grades are entered first followed by juniors’ and so forth, it may take some time for our Incoming Records Team to post your child’s high school credits.
  • A RUSH fee can be paid to expedite the process.
  • Student’s should be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • If your student has any academic or discipline concerns, please contact our office before applying to assist in expediting your enrollment.
  • NOTE: When an existing/enrolled family has a student(s) transferring from a public, private, or umbrella school, after initial family enrollment, a $50 Transfer Fee will be required.

Students transferring to HLA as a homeschooler with a parent-issued transcript:

  • Generally these students have been homeschooling in states where no reporting is required or they have homeschooled through their state or local county.
  • Marking “Never Been Registered” on your application indicates that the student does not have official records for HLA to request from another school.
  • Credit Review Fees will be due for each year that high school credits were earned prior to enrollment with HLA.
    • The $85 Credit Review Fee applies to each year in which high school credits were earned while not registered with a school (including any credits that may have been earned in 8th grade).  The Credit Review Fee is $85/year/family which covers the Annual Family Processing Fee for that year.
  • How to submit Parent Records:
    • HLA will email you an invoice for these fees after enrollment with instructions on how to pay these fees.
    • Once you have paid any necessary fees, the Incoming Records Team will email instructions on how to submit your records.
    • The transcript will indicate these courses were transferred from Parent Records.
  • The ACT or SAT (college entrance exams) will be required for incoming seniors who transfer into HLA with parent-issued transcripts.
  • For assistance or questions about fees, please contact Toni.
  • For questions about grades, please contact Lynn.



  • If your student has attended any school while taking any high school courses, HLA will need to request records from that school. 
  • Please refer to the information concerning Graduation Requirements to determine which courses your child will need in order to qualify for an HLA diploma.  Your student will receive a Transcript Review once you have enrolled that will also provide information regarding credits required.
  • TN families who have a lapse of enrollment* will pay full registration fees for that school year and courses will be listed as “Transferred from Parent Records”.  No attendance should be reported for these years since students were not officially enrolled.  *Lapse of enrollment is when a family does not re-enroll with HLA or any other school or board of education.