Well, I turned 40 this week! I hate
the "seems like yesterday" saying, but… now I guess I understand it.
It seems like yesterday I was hiking, repelling, and climbing 14ers in
CO. Seems like yesterday I was in gradschool in Texas. Seems like
yesterday April and I were starting HLA.

Now here is what everyone is really waiting
for… What sort of torment did you receive on your 40th!?

Well, first, I woke up to the following
picture in my inbox, courtesy of my graphic artist brother: 

Next, I had an inbox full of jokes
masked in Congratulations. Then I received a slew of text messages,
finding out later my wife had submitted the news to our entire church. The whole morning had me asking myself, 'What is this so called
mid-life crisis?'  That's because I'm not having one. Maybe I will
later. But right now I have enough adventure with 6 kids, a great
church full of friends, a life in Christ, and a full-time job helping home educators, that I don't even have time to think about those
traditional, mid-life crisis, self-indulgent distractions.
Never-the-less I felt compelled to at least play along a little. So…. 

got online and told all the staff I was going to go out to buy a Yellow
Corvette. "But don't worry," I continued. "I'll be sure to put an HLA
logo on the door." A few hours later this picture appears in my inbox,
again courtesy of that wonderful and creative brother of mine! 

So look for me this summer at the
homeschool curriculum fairs, and at your house around the corner! I'll
be pulling up in this sweet baby!!    naa …

I just want to sincerely thank all the incredible families we get to serve through HomeLife Academy. Turning 40 is not so bad!