-Post by Phyllis Broadus, HLA In-House Counselor and Tutor-

The thought of being “able” (legally), to teach my own children at home was exhilarating. This was over 24 years ago. Immediately our local library was being visited to find books about home schooling. The one book I found had the title similar to: Should You Send Your Child to Public School, Private School or Home School? As I read each section, I was convinced each was the best thing to do; however, my mind was really made up when my home schooling friend came with books in hand that she was actually using to teach her own children.  I was hooked!!

Being that I was a public school teacher myself I couldn’t think of anything more thrilling than teaching my very own children. Mind you, I was only about one month along with my first born, but that was when the journey began.

Keep in mind this is only twelve blessings and benefits out of many, many more that could be listed.

1. Traveling Being able to travel at anytime of the year and not be tied to the school system’s days off. This meant going to see grandparents in the fall or the spring and staying for 2-3 weeks if we wished.

2. Learning The education they learned was at a pace which challenged them, not waiting for 25 other students to catch up or the feeling of being pushed to catch up. This has been manifested by the successful, secure lives they live now as mature adults.

3. Spirituality Starting each day with prayer and Bible study and learning about God, His creation and how wonderful life is as a child of God cannot be replaced with anything.

4. Time We began our day at our time. We were fairly consistent with the starting time, and rarely consistent with our ending time. We could take two hours of math because we were having so much fun cutting up the apple and learning about fractions. No 52 minute math class for us.

5. Family All of us taught each other, learned from each other and somehow never got tired of each other. It was our life. Our happiness. Our bonding love.

6. Opportunities We visited with young, old and in between. The wonderful moments we had in reading to elderly and bringing happiness to them. The hours we could take care of twin newborns when their mother became ill.

7. Health Rarely did we have any sickness in our family. If I recall, the only doctor’s visit we ever had was due to a UTI. Nobody got sick.

8. Security My children felt secure; they did not have the thought of being better or worse than someone else. I believe this was because of numbers 1-7!

9. No Peer Pressure There was no thought of making sure we had the best/most stylish popular name brand of clothing. They didn’t see the need to “match” someone else unless it just seemed like the fun thing to do, not a need so they would be liked.

10. Protected Yes, they were protected from worldliness, but as the times came when they were exposed to worldliness, they were comfortable with themselves and liked who they were.

11. Comfort As soon as our morning routines were completed we could curl up on the couch, barefoot, with our favorite pet cuddled next to us and read about Sri Lanka… or China… or Mozart or even practice our Latin!

12. Flexibility Oh, the flexibility in being educated at home! The incredulousness of thinking home education is impossible is thought only by those that have not tried it!