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uTeach Program Policy

Please refer to the following information regarding the uTeach option of Archway. Please remember that you must be an ACTIVE HomeLife Academy family in good standing to remain enrolled in Archway classes.

One (1) credit courses have approximately 10 units.  

Half (. 5) credit courses have approximately 5 units.  

Lessons and quizzes are assigned daily.

Courses are set as follows unless otherwise requested by the parent/teacher.

  • 3 attempts to reach a score of 100 for each lesson.
  • 2 attempts to reach a score of 80 or above on each quiz.
  • 1 Attempt to reach a score of 70 or above on each test.
  • Parents can offer more attempts as needed. 
  • Special projects can be used for extra credit.

The parent is responsible for unblocking and grading lessons/quizzes as needed.

In order to provide you with full access to your student details, we have unlocked this feature for you however, you must leave the box for “Block End Term Progress” checked. Please DO NOT REMOVE this option. Thank you.

Parents are expected to uphold HLA’s Code of Ethics when grading and using the curriculum as agreed upon at the time of enrolling in HLA. Parents may NOT edit the End of Course setting in Archway.

For students needing additional time after a course ends, we can extend their courses up to one additional month (4 weeks) per semester.

  • There will be a $100/student fee for each extension.
  • No extensions allowed to extend beyond July 31.
  • Any remaining course work after July 31 will require enrollment for the new school year to continue 

Students who need to carry courses over into the next school year may do so. To be eligible students must:

  • Be in good standing with HLA
  • Re-enroll with HLA for the new school year
  • Pay the Archway Initial Access fee for the new school year plus the monthly subscription.

Archway is responsible for the following:

  • Archway counselors will set up the courses.
  • Archway counselors will review grades and progress to ensure there are no reporting errors before transcripts are released. If Archway is the only resource listed in Applecore for the course, grades and/or credits should agree with the grade and % completed in Archway.
  • If there is a grade/credit in Applecore that does not agree with course progress in Archway, Counselors will make corrections as needed to ensure there are no reporting errors.

  • Parents are the teacher.
  • Parents are expected to uphold HLA’s Code of Ethics when using the curriculum as agreed upon at the time of enrolling in HLA.
  • Parents grade daily lessons, quizzes, and tests.
  • Parents will unlock assignments, quizzes, and exams.
  • Parents must have the technical (computer) aptitude to use the grading system.
  • Parents should watch the  Teacher Training video available on how to use the system.
  • Parents will need to report grades in Applecore in January and June.
  • Grades reported in Applecore should agree with the grades and % completed in Archway unless supplemental curriculum is used. See below for information about reporting grades for high school.
  • Any supplemental curriculum used should also be listed in Applecore.
  • Pay monthly fees as scheduled.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to notify HLA if courses end and you wish to stop payments, your student wishes to drop or change a course, or to drop courses and cancel your subscription. 
  • NOTE: If your student drops a course in Archway you must update Applecore with your new course information and textbooks. Otherwise, the Overall Grade will need to be given for the Archway course.

  • Students are expected to uphold HLA’s Code of Ethics when using the curriculum as agreed upon at the time of enrolling in HLA.

  • One (1) credit courses (Contain approximately 10 units)
  • Half (.5) credit courses (Contain approximately 5 units)
  • HLA/Archway grade scale is as follows: 100 – 94 = A; 93 – 86 = B; 85 – 77 = C; 76 – 70 = D 69 and below = F.
  • Parents will enter grades for all Archway courses as they are completed. 

Grades will be based on the current point-in-time grade as listed in Archway for each course. If you will be using resources other than Archway please list all resources in Applecore. Otherwise, grades in Applecore should be consistent with Archway grades and percentages. For high school courses, credits should be issued based on the percentage completed in Archway.  Credits should be issued as follows:

  • One (1) credit courses: (Contains approximately 10 units)
    • Must have a grade of 70 or above.
    • 90% or above completion = 1 credit
    • 45% or above completion = .5 credit.
    • 25% or above completion = .25 credit
    • Less than 25% completion = no credit; Grade of Incomplete
  • Half (.5) credit courses: (Contains approximately 5 units)
    • Must have a grade of 70 or above.
    • 95% or above completion = .5 credit.
    • 45% or above completion = .25 credit.
    • Less than 25% completion = 0 credit; Grade of Incomplete.


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