We make children work for our love instead of resting in it. We make them work at keeping us close. Well, we might get more compliance but we get a deeply restless child. And we’re giving rise to a whole generation of children who are restless to the core. They do not know how to rest.” — Gordon Neufeld, PhD, Relationship Matters (shared by Parent2ParentU)

I don’t know if Dr. Gordon is an Advocate for Homeschool or NOT. His message makes me THINK, that is why I post this short video. I am a BIG advocate of People who helps me think, with new perspectives other than my own.

In this brief clip from his DVD, “Relationship Matters”, Dr. Neufeld explains one of the most critical aspects of child development- the need to rest. Without rest, he explains, children do not grow and mature. The video, and other information about Dr. Neufeld, can be found at www.gordonneufeld.com