HLA Meet & Great Grade ReportingWe all need a little bit of help sometimes. Do you need some help? HomeLife Academy (HLA) can help you with your housekeeping . . . well no; with your laundry . . . well, no again; with babysitting . . . well, we love babies (and children of all ages) and have a lot of loving mothers (and fathers) in the office, but we probably cannot help you with that either.

Let us see . . . do you need help with your grade reporting for the school year? Well, HLA can help you with that!

The spring grade reporting deadline for each school year is June 15. It is a date that comes every year and never changes, but still catches many parents off guard. HLA to the rescue with the HLA Meet & Greet presents a Grade Reporting session at Panera Bread {1145 Vann Drive Jackson, TN 38305 } on Thursday, June 7.

Next to determining what curricula to use, deciding how to enter grades and attendance can be a confusing task. If you have a high school student, grade reporting may prove to be even more of a challenge. Just so you know grade reporting does not have to be difficult. You will discover that while getting your questions answered and learning steps of how to bring ease to the process. After attending the Grade Reporting session, you will be able to successfully close out your school year, with both grades and attendance reported, by the June 15 deadline.

Now, you may be asking, what if I cannot attend the event? HLA has a number of online videos that walk you through the process of reporting grades and attendance. If you find you need more assistance with completing either report, always remember you may connect with HLA in a number of ways and someone will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

HLA staff will also attend the Grade Reporting session to help, so you will have an opportunity to meet many of the people who you have only spoken to on the telephone. You may bring a pad and pencil to just take notes or also your computer, so you may get help and complete the reporting process while at the session. Complimentary bagels and coffee will be served, so make plans to join us.

HLA Meet & Greet presents Grade Reporting, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Panera Bread, 1145 Vann Drive Jackson, Tennessee 38305

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