What a blessing these last 9 years have been! The 2012/2013 school year marks the beginning of our tenth year!

In 2003, God gave my wife, April, and me the vision of an “online” cover school for home educators.  God also provided, in His perfect timing, the right people to get the ball rolling.  It was an exciting time of trusting God and praying everyday that His will and purposes be done through what was becoming HomeLife Academy.

I remember driving with April one day, discussing what our “tag line” might be under the name HomeLife Academy. “Helping Homeschoolers?” Naah. “We’re Here to Serve”? Naah!  At the time, we were immersed in books by John Taylor Gatto, a school reform leader who specializes in the history of American schools. Thinking about what we were learning April said, “How about ‘Bringing Education Back Home’?” “That’s it!,” I replied. And so our early website and marketing materials read:


First Magazine Ad

This is one of the very first ads I created using MS Publisher. To get the word out we placed this ad in homeschool magazines, yearbooks, and more. Although today the tag line has changed to “Choices in Education” because of the wider ministry God has opened up to us, the mission statement remains the same. We DO in fact believe “God gives every child unique and wonderful gifts.” That’s EVERY child. Every child is indeed unique and wonderful. All these years, this strong belief has been at the heart of HomeLife Academy.

HomeLife has evolved from a small school of just a couple hundred students to the largest school in Tennessee, with thousands of students!  As you have read in our recent newsletters, the changes keep on coming.  We’ve changed staff, locations, call systems, and so many other behind-the-scene changes to help better serve our families.  Our most exciting recent change, our new AppleCore Grade Reporting System, is already getting rave reviews.

Throughout all this shifting, we have always kept at heart our main mission: We believe God gives every child unique and wonderful gifts to use for His glory and honor.  Our mission is to inspire and equip parents to help develop those gifts.

No matter how big we grow as a school, no matter what changes we make on the outside, we commit to you, our families, that we will never lose sight of that mission.  We strive every day to provide a service that not only meets your educational needs, but also maintains our integrity, our mission, and quality of service.

New 2012 Logo