In case you’re a geek like me and just want to know stats all the time, here is a screen shot image from Google Analytics. This tracks visitors to

Notice the increase of new visitors last week as we approached January, most likely from possible transfers from public school. Overall, we get about 5000 visitors a month to the site. So you can see how it’s a great resource. And thanks to Tyler’s complete redesign in late 2009, it’s a very effective tool. This coming spring we have some awesome goals to make changes that will capitalize on this resource.  Changes include:

  • Create Middle School pages similar to the High School pages.

  • Redoing the FAQ by narrowing to just a handful of the most common questions, then integrating all the other Q&A into the other pages at the appropriate points.

  • Updating and redesigning the Contact Us pages, and including video introductions to the various “areas” of HLA.

  • Building the Resource page into a more useful and content rich area, complete with a store.

  • and a few other things…. 😉

We also plan to start selling ad space and going after “link swaps” with other homeschool companies. Jenn Parkerson will be heading this up right away. Thanks, Jenn!

Wonder what our site used to look like?? Here on the Wayback machine you can view all sorts of interesting details. Our first developer built the site using what’s called PHP and made revisions for us up until Tyler came on board and redid the site using a Windows method. This led to the ability for us to edit the site ourselves instead of waiting. Lynn took this whole new approach and ran with it, creating a great new look and navigation features for our high school pages.

(Just for fun I’ve pasted a screen shot below of Lynn’s family from 2003 on the first website’s counselor’s pages. Sorry Lynn. History is important. Aren’t those little kids cute?!?)

 This year, once we get AppleCore launched, we’ll get some more revisions done to the site, similar to the way the High School pages were redesigned.