If this is your first year, it takes some time to get used to home educating. That’s why we affectionately call the first year “orientation.” We recommend that every family try home education at least TWO years before you make a decision as to whether it works for your family or not. Remember this — The most important changes take place in US — the parents.

During this first year, don’t be afraid to explore different possibilities and let home education stretch you. The very first step is to be a learner yourself. When I became involved with the home education movement in 1992, I realized that I hated to learn because I had learned to hate school. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by entire families who loved to learn. They were always asking why, where, and how questions…about EVERYTHING! And they had so much fun doing it! This is the true goal of education, not to fill the head with facts but to nurture a desire to keep learning that will last a lifetime. Have FUN this year with your kids! Make memories to last a lifetime and learn all along the way. Welcome to orientation. 😉


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
—William Butler Yeats