The question is, will moving her to public school solve ALL the problems (assuming there is more than one)? Or will it solve enough of the problems that it is worth risking other problems/difficulties which may be created as a result of moving her to public school? (And usually there ARE other problems/difficulties created as a result of moving a child to public school. Of course, it varies depending on the school and the school system.) It’s a tough decision — a trade off. Many have had to make it. Sometimes it is out of one’s control. In which case I believe God will protect the child if we will pray.




Sarah in Blount Co. TN writes:

My advice is to make homeschooling MUCH more attractive than PS! Don’t try to replicate school at home. Think of what his favorite activities are and incorporate these into your learning time. Does he enjoy building? Get him some wood and building supplies and build something together. Explain to him that THIS is school! If he enjoys cooking, cook together and explain to him that THIS is school! Hiking, playing kickball, playing Legos, going to a children’s museum or science center, painting, etc. are all part of education. Be sure to remind him (with a big smile), when he’s doing something like this that this is now school!

Most of our first year homeschooling (my son was then in 2nd grade), we spent reading. He could be playing Legos or drawing or just sprawled on the couch, and I would be reading wonderful books to him. We did other subjects, too, but I learned that when he balked at math or handwriting, that it was best just to step away and move onto something else. My kids most fond memories from our first year of homeschooling include making crafts to go along with the Creation and making “Wombat Stew” after reading the book by the same name. (We were studying Australia.)

My son missed 2 things about public school: having lunch there and writing in his journal. To fix the lunch distress, I would buy Lunchables once a week for him and also put soup into his thermos. To fix the writing journal–well, we did a writing journal!

Hope that helps some. Remember, most of all, that you are the mom!