When we started giving full scholarships to missionaries in 2004 it just felt right. Regardless of most anything else, missionaries by nature are out giving their lives away, usually doing the things we only wish we had the faith and courage to do. So we wanted to bless them anyway we could. So this tradition started of granting them scholarships. Today we have missionaries all over the world registered and homeschooling their kids. Why do we continue to give scholarships to missionaries? Here's an email from a mom of four kids living in Puebla, Mexico.

        Dear HLA,

We had just finished our morning devotions and prayer, the kids
were starting up their computers and getting out their schoolbooks,
when I checked my mail and found your message.  I am so touched, and so
very grateful.  I would be surprised if you didn't hear me praising
and shouting "God is good!  Thank You, wonderful Jesus!" all the way to
Tennessee—well they were definitely heard in Heaven, as I know my
prayers for all of you there and for blessings on your vital ministry
are as well.
Without going into all the details, let me say that you cannot
imagine how far your giving to us in this way has gone already just in
the way of encouragement.  As missionaries, we have come to accept that
there will be financial struggles from time to time, and the
occasional  "wants" that we might need to forego, even though our
wonderful King, Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth
in every mine, is faithful to provide all our needs.  Our kids soldier
on, God bless them, and understand, and become better persons through
the lessons of faith and trust that we learn together.  It isn't like
it is all suffering and deprivation, either, because He supplies in
some of the most unorthodox ways without being limited by the amount of
money we might have available, but well, suffice it to say that your
news was very timely, and especially appreciated!
God bless you!
Yours in Christ,


Amen to that!