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April Parkerson and her husband, David, started HomeLife Academy in 2003.  At the time, they only had 2 small children – an 18 month old & a newborn!  They now have 6 children, all of whom are homeschooled.  Their journey in homeschooling has always been an interesting one.  They have always been on the “other side of the table,” counseling families to give them the vision of home education.  The journey has been filled with many adventures, and the Parkersons are always up for the next grand adventure!


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The World Turned Upside Down

Do you ever wonder what homeschooling looks like around the world?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of homeschoolers around the whole world who are walking this journey with you!  In this workshop, April Parkerson presents a global perspective on homeschooling, including an update from the Global Home Education Conferences (GHEC).


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