Diane graduated from Adrian College in Michigan with a degree in Psychology and continued on to earn a M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She spent nearly ten years in the corporate world before moving to the college environment where she has taught Psychology for over 17 years. Diane has been involved in the homeschooling world since 2005 when it became time for her son to “start” school. She has been active with local homeschool groups since then, teaching co-op classes, facilitating roundtables, training, and presentations for parents, as well as coaching students on transitioning from high school to college. Diane is passionate about learning, education and helping students reach their potential — and having some fun along the way!


  • Developing Study Skills – How Understanding the Psychology of Memory can Help Students Develop Techniques to Study Smarter, not Harder
    Why is it better to study every day rather than cramming? Why is repetition important? By understanding the “whys,” parents can develop study routines that help students maximize their learning potential. This interactive workshop introduces parents to the psychology of memory and helps parents and students use this information to study smarter, not harder. These innovative techniques encourage students to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Preparing for College – What College Profs Expect and What your Students Need to Know!
    Just when parents are getting the hang of homeschooling High School – College hopes and fears begin to loom on the horizon. What, really, do College Profs expect from students? With over 17 years experience teaching Psychology at a local college, Diane Benson provides insight into what professors want from students, how to be better students and ways to make freshman year (or Dual Enrollment) easier.
  • Boys in Crisis
    For the first time in our society, boys are less likely than girls to graduate high school; they are less likely to attend and graduate from college. Boys are more likely to to prescribed medicines for ADHD and more likely to be held back in kindergarten. Some argue that the feminization of education and not understanding how young boys develop differently from girls is at the center of this issue. In this presentation, we’ll explore the issues that are causing boys to fall behind and discuss methods that parents and teachers can use to reverse this trend.
  • Your Kids Don’t Have to go to College
    By Diane Benson I may seem like an unlikely person to present a workshop on this topic. I love college. loved being a student and I love teaching. I’ve taught
    Psychology at a Community College in Knoxville for over 17 years. But it is precisely because I’ve seen what happens to kids who are told that college is the ONLY answer; kids that are smart and hardworking but whose passions and gifts are neither rewarded or encouraged. Some of these are kids end up taking out loans to pay for college — but in the end drop out and end up with the debt but no degree. And college is not the guarantee to success that it was in the past. But there are other options.


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