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Karen Johnson Bateman has been a high school counselor with HomeLife Academy since 2006. Karen homeschooled her four children through high school and believes it is the best decision she ever made. As a single Mom, Karen believes strongly when God calls, He equips. All four of Karen’s children attended college on full academic scholarships and have no problem with socialization! As the Florida Counselor, Karen is working hard to learn all about homeschooling in Florida. One thing remains the same no matter which state you are in: homeschool families want their students to reach their maximum potential to do what God has planned for their life. Karen teaches monthly workshops on preparing your student for college and enjoys encouraging families on the promise of Romans 8:28.


  • Walking the College Prep Path: How do I do my part to get my student there?
    In this workshop taught by HomeLife Academy Counselor Karen Johnson Bateman, parents can complete a 4-year plan to prepare their student for their next academic step. We will discuss courses, Dual Enrollment courses, CLEP and AP courses.
  • It’s Just a Test, Right?
    HomeLife Academy Counselor Karen Johnson Bateman discusses the value and preparation for Standardized and College Entrance tests. Differences between PSAT, SAT, and ACT will be explored as well as test taking hints.
  • Bright Futures for the Homeschooler (FLORIDA)
    Karen Johnson Bateman will help you understand the requirements of the Bright Futures Scholarship for homeschooled students.  We will be discussing the upcoming to and the differences in the eligibility requirements for independent homeschoolers as well as those enrolled in an umbrella program. At HomeLife Academy, we have assisted dozens of homeschooled families to successfully obtain Bright Futures Scholarships over the last several years.
  • 4-year Goal-based Plan- Preparing for High School Success
    Tailor your student’s high school to fit individual goals! This workshop is perfect for new homeschool parents as well as experienced homeschool families arriving at the high school years.
  • Teaching Reluctant Readers & Writers
    Is your student less than enthused about reading and writing? Join Karen Johnson Bateman for some tips and ideas to inject some fun into your English curriculum. We will discuss out of the box creative approaches to reading and writing that will inspire your elementary and middle school student. Being comfortable with writing is a key moving successfully into high school. Seeing reading as a pleasure and a fun activity is also crucial for a well-rounded student.

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