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Lani has a real passion for helping homeschoolers reach their full potential in becoming all that God called them to be, and believes in her heart that every single student CAN succeed! She homeschooled her four children for over 20 years and teaches English classes at a homeschool tutorial as well as working as a High School Guidance Counselor with HomeLife Academy. She has conducted numerous workshops with a variety of organizations over the years . Lani does lots of counseling with new homeschool moms, as well as veteran moms with seniors, and her reward is hearing them say, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear today!”


  • Homeschooling Students with LD’s  – YES You Can!
    Every day parents are bringing their students home because they are not learning up to their potential in the schools. And the results are amazing!
  • Teaching the Heart and Not the Mind 
    I will explain the importance of teaching the heart, and how we can produce thoughtful young adults who are leaders, empowered to take control of their own education and their own lives. “A child trained in his mind and not his heart is a menace to society.” —Theodore Roosevelt
  • Foundations of Home Education – Lighting the Fires!
    I’m going to let you in on one of the world’s best kept secrets – almost anyone, in any situation, can successfully home school  his or her own children, and do a much better job than a teacher with a 4 yr. degree. “How can that be?” you ask.  Here are some keys to help you successfully homeschool your children.
  • Teaching the Way Kids Learn 
    This is a workshop for parents and students of all ages, from Pre-K through high school. You may be surprised to find out the way your children really learn things, and this workshop will help you streamline your curriculum and your school days so that your students are learning the most, in the least amount of time, and having the most fun! Lani Carey’s four children have all benefited from these learning methods – her older daughter graduated first in her college class and now owns her own business, her two sons are both Air Force officers (one a Pilot and Captain and the other a Misileer and 1
    st Lt.), and her younger daughter will be finishing up her sr. year in Elementary Education at U of M. Come prepared to learn some new things and have some fun!
  • Looking Back on 25 Years of Homeschooling
    I was director of one of the first, if not “the first” homeschool co-op in the Memphis area for 12+ years. Each year we got feedback from the students about the courses so that we could evaluate what worked and what didn’t work in order to incorporate the positive into the next year’s curriculum and teaching methods. I would also question my students each day we did co-op classes, as well as at the end of each year, to see what they remembered, their favorite subject or curriculum and why, etc. I questioned my children after they started and ended college also, to learn what things we did right and what things we could have done differently to better prepare them. I want to share with you some of the things I share with parents on the phone each day about the following:

    • What worked, what didn’t, and why
    • What students remember
    • How to build good memories
    • What best prepared them for college and/or career, and life
  • Navigating Your Way Through High School
    Whether you are feeling ship-wrecked, like you are sailing into the storm, or feeling that you are in the eye of the hurricane, this workshop will lead you step-by-step through the high school years. Yes, they can be stressful and turbulent, but knowing what lies ahead and how to navigate through these years can save you lots of time and maybe a few headaches, too! This information will help you stay the course and insure smooth sailing ahead. Also, when and how to request diploma and final transcripts, timeline of when everything needs to be done and how (without overlooking anything and without duplication), when to consider early graduation or 5-year plan. Some of the topics covered:  

    • ACTS/SATS/PSATS – when and why to take them. What is the difference?
    • AP and Honors Courses, Dual Enrollment,
    • College Applications, FAFSA, Transcripts, Financial Aid (TN Promise, HOPE), Scholarships and Recommendation Letters, Portfolios, Evaluations, special circumstances (NCAA, Military Academies).
    • Q&A at the end.
  • Mini-Workshops – Goal Based Planning for Special Pursuits 
    • Entrepreneur or Vocational Learn how to help students recognize their God-given talents and gifts and plan their curriculum accordingly, optimizing their strengths for their specific goals, while still fulfilling graduation requirements.
    • Sports (NCAA, NAIA) & Military Academy Learn how to select courses, curriculum, and extracurricular activities that will prepare your students for the military academies and/or NCAA and NAIA sports scholarships.  Also includes an overview of when to start applying, how to fill out forms, recommendation letters, the nomination process, ACT and/or SAT scores.
  • All About Those Juniors and Seniors 
    This workshop is just what you would expect from the title and just what parents have told us they need for their rising juniors and seniors. They’ve told us that when we do the high school workshops, much of the time is spent on things they’ve already been through, and they need help with JUST the junior and senior years. So, this workshop is in response to our parents’ cry for help! This workshop will answer your questions about the things you need to know coming into those last two years of high school, including –

    • Does my student have to graduate in 4 years? What if plans change?
    • Options after high school – career, military, college, sports
    • College Entrance Exams, college applications and scholarship forms
    • What is the parents’ responsibility and what do we do for you as your school?
    • All about the Graduation – diploma, portfolio, final transcript, ceremony
    • Q&A session – in case there’s anything we missed!


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