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Margie Abbitt is from Mt. Airy, NC, graduated from Kings Business College in Charlotte, NC and did accounting work along with home schooling. Margie and her husband, Mac have been married 37 years and have 6 children. Each of their 6 children added a different personality and learning style into the homeschooling experience. Through 30 years, Margie has homeschooled in NC, PA, OH, IN, MI and then TN using a variety of curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of many diversified students. She especially enjoys a unit study / hands-on approach to teaching, because learning should be fun and active. Margie has organized, led, and taught in co-ops/tutorials for most of those 30 years in education. Margie has had the privilege of working with families and students from many varied backgrounds, learning styles and challenges. She has a passion for helping parents/grandparents navigate their homeschool experience while encouraging them in their homeschooling journey.


  • HOW DOES YOUR CHILD LEARN BEST?  Different approaches to learning: Traditional/ Unit study/Unschooling/ online/ block vs. full year courses/ Tutors, etc.
    If the only education style you ever knew was classroom/ textbook learning with kids all the same age, then come explore the various choices you have with home schooling.  Different things work best with different students and different family situations.  The only right way is the way God directs you for your family.  


  • HOW TO SURVIVE HOMESCHOOLING? Practical Tips to organize yourself to homeschool
    Come pack a homeschool survival kit with ideas and tips to happily survive homeschooling.  Some moms seem to be able to just naturally keep it all together with 3 meals a day on the table, everybody on schedule with all their assignments, children who clean up after themselves without being asked, babies that only need diaper change and nursing on a perfect 4 hour schedule, and plenty of extra time for husbands, too.  And then there are the rest of us who need all the help and hints we can get to survive each day.  Come, let’s share together our survival strategies.


  • WORKING TOGETHER WORKS!! Why Cooperative Learning? Co-ops/ Tutorials
    Many times people think that homeschoolers never leave their homes and are antisocial, but this can be far from the truth as we explore the benefits and options of working together with like minded parents and teachers to educate our children in a loving, Godly environment.


    Many parents are haunted with guilt telling them that they are not good enough or as good as the other homeschool mom.  How will you ever teach your child to read?  It’s your fault your child isn’t a perfect little angel.  What if my children don’t learn everything?  Am I teaching them the right things?  The list goes on.  Let’s learn together the truth that will set parents free from guilt.


    Many struggle with the child that won’t sit still.  Some have families that feel separated by each student trying to do 6 separate subjects on different topics when they home school to be a united family.  Come learn more about Unit Study / Hands on Learning approach to teaching that can work with that wiggling child and unite your family.


    Join Margie as she puts you at easy about stepping into the the new world of home schooling  junior high or high school students.  With practical tools and a different outlook, you can enjoy the high school years.


    Join Margie as we explore strategies to be more successful than traditional ways of looking at education. Your children can excel by not replicating the public/ private school. We will discuss how to develop children who love to learn and even become “learning junkies” who are lifelong learners who can change the world. “Teaching may take a book, but learning takes an open mind, discernment, and asking WHY?”




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