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Mona homeschooled her two teens through middle school and strongly feels that the middle school years are key to laying a solid foundation for whatever God has planned for a student in high school and beyond. As a volunteer and mentor for youth groups and student ministries for two decades, Mona believes strongly that God knows how to communicate to and through teens in today’s culture. She and her husband have a passion for equipping parents of teens to share the journey alongside their students. As a homeschool support group speaker and leader, Mona has interviewed hundreds of parents about their own experiences with homeschooling through the teen years. One thing stands out as a key thread–regardless of your situation, God has a plan for your family and it is worth fighting for.


  • Preparing Your Middle School Student for High School
    Whether your student is preparing for public school, private school, or continuing to homeschool–most parents agree that entering the high school arena feels like a whole new ball game. Balancing  academics, personal interests, relationships, and life skills in middle school can lay the foundation for a smooth transition into whatever God’s plans may include for your student in high school. Discussions will include those students who are ahead academically or right on target, as well as those who might be struggling and not yet ready for upper level  coursework.

  • Let’s Talk High School Math: Confessions from a HS Math Tutor
    Whether your student is college-bound or just wants to get through the basics for career purposes, High School Math does not have to be a one-size-fits-all pathway. Determining the four math credits your student needs for graduation can go a lot smoother by helping your student think through a variety of options. We’ll talk about the pros/cons of assigning early Math credits in middle school as well as what to do when it becomes necessary to slow your student’s pace to get a more solid math foundation.


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