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Phyllis is passionate about teaching and has been a teacher since she began teaching Bible classes at age 14. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Education in IL. She started out as a preschool teacher,  going from there to a Music teacher and then into Special Ed and Elementary Ed teaching. While home schooling she continued teaching English as a Second Language in various aspects. She teaches Language Arts/English at the 5th- 8th grade level and World Geography for High School.

Phyllis homeschooled her two daughters, both now college graduates. She is the HLA K-8th counselor, assisting parents in about any aspect they need from “where do I start?” to  “I have a struggling adolescent, what shall I do now?”


  • Turning a Book into a Curriculum
    Are you struggling with a one size fits most education?  Are you looking for creative ideas on how to tailor a curriculum to your student?  Ever wonder how you can teach from the books and topics that interest your child?  Join Phyllis as she shows you how to take ANY book including textbooks, literature, and other resources to create engaging lesson plans for students of all ages.
  • ELEMENTARY Getting Started – Homeschool 411
    “I could never homeschool my kids!” A statement stated to many moms that are loving and successfully home educating their children.  Almost anyone, in any situation, can successfully homeschool their own children at all ages.  You don’t have to have gone to college; and will possibly be a better teacher without the years of higher education.  “How can that be?” you ask.  This workshop will let you in on some secrets, positive pointers and keys that will be keepers from day one of you making that decision to give it a try! This workshop will also cover the legal requirements for homeschooling in TN and AL.


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