Ready for High School? Early Credits…

These courses should NOT be counted for high school credit during middle school.

  • High School English Courses
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Consumer Math
  • US History
  • Economics/US Government
  • Health
  • PE
  • Electives such as Bible, Music or Art

Some students may be ready for high school level courses prior to entering the 9th grade. If this is your student, please read the following information carefully. 

  • HLA is very flexible. We want your student to go at his/her normal pace and be able to excel to his/her greatest potential.
  • We cannot guarantee a college will accept early credit. Each college is different.
  • Please be aware that some colleges have strict guidelines concerning which courses, if any, can be taken for credit during middle school.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to research prospective colleges for admission requirements.
  • The following recommendations are to help you get started if you are unsure what college your student will be attending.


Guidelines for Early Credit

  • It is recommended that students not take high school courses for credit prior to 8th grade.
  • It is recommended that early credit be limited to 3 credits prior to entering the 9th grade.
  • HLA recommends early credit be limited to the following areas of study – Math, Science, World History, and/or Foreign Language.
  • If your student wants to take more than 3 credits or courses different from those listed above, please contact a counselor for approval.
  • The course must be taught at the high school level, materials/textbooks must be high school level, and the course content must be the same as a high school course.

Reporting High School Courses Taken in 8th Grade 


College Guidelines

  • Some colleges may consider courses taken for early credit as electives (not fulfilling core courses).
  • Some colleges may be expecting students to take math during all 4 years of high school even if Algebra 1 is taken early.
  • Please check with the college concerning what science and math courses are required for admissions.
  • Some colleges may require all 3 Science courses to be taken during high school.
  • Some colleges may require Biology and Chemistry or Physics plus one additional science (3 lab sciences) for admissions.
  • It is the parents and the student’s responsibility to ensure that the student is enrolled in a course of study that meets the admission requirements of colleges to which the student plans to apply.
  • Please check with prospective colleges for guidelines.


Transcripts for College

  • Transcripts, for college purposes, only show high school courses. Colleges do not ask for records from grades K-8th.
  • Courses with high school credits assigned will be listed on the high school transcript.
  • If a student takes Algebra 1 in 8th grade, for high school credit, the transcript will show 1 high school course under 8th grade.
  • No other 8th grade courses will be listed unless it is a high school level course with credits assigned.
  • When you issue credits to a course, you are telling the system to add this course to the student’s high school transcript.
  • The high school transcript tells the student’s academic story.
  • The portfolio tells about the student’s other activities.
  • Both include important information.