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Florida students planning to apply for Bright Futures, Dual Enrollment or planning to attend FL colleges must meet the (24) credit requirements for a FL diploma including one online class. This class can be any online class…FLVS, an online program, or an online college course.

NOTE: Concerning the FAFSA – you will list your student as a homeschooler when filling this out – you will not list HomeLife Academy.

NOTE: Florida colleges do require students to take Government and Economics. It is the parent’s responsibility to check college admissions requirements to ensure your student has the courses required for admissions.

Important: The University of Florida has strict admission requirements. If your student is planning to attend UF, be sure to review the Special Circumstances section of their admission requirements.



Attention HLA Prep Families: You can follow the same guidelines as HomeLife Academy families but you will be listed as enrolled under HLA Preparatory School. If you have any questions regarding this you can email HLA Prep is for student athletes wishing to play sports in a public school setting. 


Helpful Links:

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Bright Futures Student Handbook

Florida Diploma Requirements


Bright Futures Process

  • Bright Futures Open enrollment starts December 1.
  • Make sure to fill out everything including address.
  • NOTE: When filling out the Bright Futures application, students enrolled at HomeLife Academy are considered PRIVATE SCHOOL students.
  • Please register for Bright Futures as a private school student. 
    • Choose PRIVATE school (found in Question #19)
    • Question #20 ALL parents MUST indicate ORANGE county.
    • Question #21 select HomeLife Academy in Orlando.

  • Submit all student volunteer hours to Laura .  
  • These should be submitted on letterhead from each person/institution in which they have volunteered. 
  • It needs to have the student’s name, a brief description of the work they did, how many hours, a contact person and phone number.  
  • If the person does not have a letterhead paper, then that’s o.k.  Send a copy via e-mail or a copy to the office Attn: Laura.

Florida Bright Futures Community Service Log Sheet

  • Please have a copy of your ACT/SAT scores to one of Florida’s 12 State Universities.

  • Parents need to contact Toni (888-560-0774 ext 3508) to pay the HomeLife Bright Futures Processing Fee as soon as possible. 
  • Bright Futures Fees: $25 before March 1st. $50 after March 1.  

  • AFTER you have done ALL of the above steps, you will need to request a transcript to be PROCESSED.
  • Log into your HLA account to access your Request Manager.
  • Select “Transcript Request” from the dropdown menu.
  • Add the student’s name in the box as well as Bright Futures  ex.  John Doe – Bright Futures. 
  • Laura will email you directly to get the student’s SS# in order to access the Bright Futures account.