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Taking on the task of homeschooling your children is not an easy one. If this is your first year as a homeschooler, someone should probably tell you that decision was the easiest one you will make while on this journey. The first year will also probably be the hardest. Just know it does get easier after your first year, so get ready and “join the club”, because you are not alone.

Homeschooling is a choice to educate your children at home. There is no deep or hidden mystery behind homeschooling. The homeschool movement came to the forefront in the 1970s with John Holt spearheading the trend. If you really think about it, parents have been homeschooling their children as far back as the beginning of time. Formal public schools have not always been around and did not start appearing until the 1840s. Before then, parents taught their children at home or hired tutors to teach them. So you see, homeschooling is nothing new.

As you start homeschooling for the first time, you are coming alongside thousands of families that made the same decision. Although you are not alone, your decision as to why you are homeschooling may be different. Some homeschool for religious reasons. Others lead secular lifestyles and homeschool too. Homeschoolers come from a variety of ethnicities, varying socioeconomic backgrounds and agreeing and opposing political views. Some still wear long dresses and others may be caught in public wearing pajamas (tops, bottoms or both). Parents of some children farm while others work in corporate America. There are two-parent and single-parent households that homeschool. In some homes, grandparents with full custody, are raising and choosing to homeschool their grandchildren. Homeschoolers are everywhere and the movement continues to grow larger and stronger every year.

Homeschool families come in all sizes. From one-child households to a household with multiple children, as well as ones that have babies on the way or new arrivals. All you need is one child to become a homeschool family. You are welcomed with your one child or more. Parents can successfully home educate one child or two or more children. It is all about finding your rhythm, which will come with time.

Homeschool students have the same opportunities available to them as do their public and private school peers. They include competitive athletics, academic scholarships, fun and educational field trips and prom, honors programs and acceptance into prominent schools across the country. Depending on where you live, you may have a hard time deciding on what you can’t do, because there are so many opportunities.

Finding your tribe may be challenging at first, but there are so many ways to connect with other homeschool families. Some may be your offline neighbors (ex: actual neighbors, church friends, play group families, etc.) or you can start a connection online with families in your state:

Alabama – HLA Connect Alabama
Florida – HLA Connect Florida
Tennessee – HLA Connect Tennessee
Community – HomeLife Community

or go global and connect with other homeschool families around the world. You will be amazed how many families currently homeschool, in your state, the country and around the world.

What it comes down to is the fact that you are not alone as you homeschool. HomeLife Academy (and other homeschoolers) are right there alongside you. Have confidence in your new school year and always reach out to HLA if you ever have any questions.

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