Options to Consider for High School Math Credit

HLA considers a student’s goals to be a very important factor when planning for high school and the future.   It is the Parent’s responsibility to ensure that their student has the type of Math credits needed to reach those Post High School goals. Parents are encouraged to research post secondary education options and any requirements before selecting an alternative Math credit for their student’s senior math.  Please contact military branches or colleges of interest to verify acceptance of the Math credits being taken.  HLA’s goal is to combine maximum flexibility with preparation for the future.



Technology Math Courses (recommended for Grades 11 and 12)



STEM-based Options for Senior Math Credit

Because of the flexibility that HLA provides, students who are not following the College4 path may benefit from options that are more relevant to their goals whether based on interest or future occupation.  This option is only for students not planning to pursue a four year college degree immediately after high school. Reminder: It is the parent’s responsibility to be certain that this course will meet any requirements the student may be considering for post-secondary education.


  • Approved for Senior Math credit ONLY 
  • Approved Course List below
  • Qualifying Paths
    • C2TM – Check with the branch of military or college to verify acceptance.
    • Life Choice
    • Modified Path
  • How to Report
    • Select MATH as the Category in AppleCore
    • Select “Can’t Find My Course”
    • Type “STEM – Course Title”. Example, “STEM – Introduction to Coding” in the box provided. 


Approved STEM Courses

Course Requirements – Must be high school or adult level courses to qualify. 150 hours equals 1 credit, or completion of a full credit course or completion of two .5 credit courses. 

Additional Courses – You may request other STEM or Computer Options from other providers by contacting an HLA Senior High Counselor.


  • HomeLife Online Courses 
    • Computer Applications (1 credit)
    • Intro Business (1 credit)
    • Introduction to Coding (.5 credit)
    • Medical Terminology (.5 credit)
    • Pharmacy Tech (1 credit)
  • Programming, Coding, Data, Computer Science, Web Development Courses from any of the following:
    • Codecademy.com
    • Udemy
    • Edx.org
    • Treehouse.com
    • Khan Academy
    • Code.org
    • Saylor.org
    • Codeasy.net