Military Academy Information

HomeLife Academy has students who have attended, are attending, and/or have applied to the Air Force Academy, West Point, and the Naval Academy, as well as the ROTC scholarship programs. We are familiar with the process and will be glad to provide recommendation letters, offer curriculum and record-keeping recommendations and assist you in filling out the necessary forms.

  • If you have a student interested in attending one of the Military Academies, please email your questions to Lani Carey.
  • When applying to one of the academies, select the “Private School” option.
  • HLA will send an Official Transcript for you.  Log into myHLA page and use the Request Manager to request official transcripts to be sent.
  • Do not check the “Homeschool” box (if the form has this option).
  • If you check “Homeschool”, they will have different forms for you to send instead of requesting an Official Transcript from HLA.
  • It is fine to let them know that you are Home Educated through HLA.