Goal-Based Planning Sheets

Planning sheets offer course recommendations only. Please refer to the Course Guide for additional course options.

Concerning Florida students: Florida college-bound students should use the Florida College4 Planning Sheet listed below. Florida colleges and Bright Futures Scholarship requires 24 credits with one credit being an online course. Florida also requires 8 electives. For additional information refer to the Florida planning sheets below.

Every student should use a Planning Sheet and complete all 4 years.  Completing all 4 years, in the beginning, will help you better see how classes will fit into your student’s schedule. This will also help you determine if your student’s schedule will be too heavy or too light in a given year. We recommend no more than 8 credits earned each year.

  • Contact prospective colleges, schools, employers, etc. to learn what specific credits your student might need.
  • Include any additional courses that may be needed to meet the state requirements in which you reside (if different from TN).
  • Extracurricular activities, awards, clubs, service, and work can be included in the portfolio.
  • HLA counselors are available to assist with 4-year planning.
  • To have a counselor review your planning sheet simply scan the document and email it to a counselor.


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