AP, CLEP, DE, and Honors Courses

One of the things about homeschooling is it allows you to design a plan of study that is tailored to the need of each student. Some students take dual enrollment courses, honors classes, music, vocational, career training, computer, coding, business and other courses based on goals and interests. The options are almost endless. Honors and DE courses are weighted 5.0 points on a 4.0 scale. However, we do not send weighted GPA’s on our transcripts unless specified.

  • Dual enrollment courses equal 1 high school credit. 
  • HLA will accept any DE courses offered by the college. 
  • Dual enrollment courses should be titled according to the official college course title. 
  • Each 3 and 4 credit college course counts as 1 high school credit.
  • Each 1 and 2 credit college course counts as .5 high school credit. 
  • HLA will need a transcript or grade report from the college for grade reporting purposes. An unofficial transcript or scanned PDF copy from the college website is acceptable. You can email these to records@homelifeacademy.com or fax to (901) 384-0731.
  • To Enter the DE courses in Applecore:
    • Select the course category.  
    • Select Dual Enrollment.
    • Complete the Dual Enrollment information such as course number, course title, etc. 
    • You will list the course by its exact course title. 
    • The grade received will be listed on both the HLA transcript and the college transcript. 
    • Once a DE grade is entered and the grade has been verified, the course will be locked down (TX will show next to the course).
    • TX indicates a Transfer Course (course transferred from another school or institution).
    • The TX symbol will help our transcript team to know to include the DE course on the HLA transcript.


  • AP Courses, which are trademarked by CollegeBoard, must be audited and approved by CollegeBoard in order to be designated as such on a student’s transcript.
  • HLA is not an AP course provider, therefore students cannot use the AP designation on their HLA transcript.
  • AP courses will be listed on the HLA transcript as Honors and the official transcript of the course from the school in which it was taken can be sent to the college in addition to their official HLA transcript.
  • If an AP course is taken prior to enrollment with HLA, HLA should receive that in the student’s records but it is the parent’s responsibility to be certain HLA has it on file, otherwise the parent can contact the school where the course was taken to send it directly to the college.
  • When requesting a transcript for college admissions purposes, please specify in your request to have the official AP transcript included with the HLA Transcript.
  • AP Exams by CollegeBoard are rigorous multiple-component tests that are administered at high schools each May. High school students can earn college credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP Exam scores. Please contact your local public or private school for further information about taking AP exams. For information concerning how to schedule an AP exam visit Registering-for-Exams.


  • HLA accepts CLEP, DSST and other similar college-level exams toward high school credit. 
  • When registering with the College Board, you will need to list our school as Home Life Academy with a space because that’s the way they have it listed.
  • When reporting;
    • Each CLEP, DSST exam is worth 1 high school credit.
    • You can title the course according to the official exam title and apply the CE (Credit By exam) label.
    • When you select CE this will open a place for you to type the official name of the course.
    • Enter the exam score.
  • OR you can title the course according to the corresponding high school course and use the honors label.
  • You decide what grade to give the student.

Please be aware that not all homeschool courses/resources are considered as honors, even though the material may be more advanced than traditional public school resources. 

Please use the following guidelines when determining if a course is designated as an Honors course:

  •  The Honors course is a core course taken through a tutorial and designated by the teacher as an Honors course.
  • The curriculum is designated as an Honors course by the author/publisher. 
  • If your child passes an Honors level test such as an AP or CLEP exam after taking the course. 
  • The course is supplemented to MAKE the course Honors. Please provide documentation such as a detailed course description in the grade reporting section of your account.
  • Note – Many Honors courses are taught on a college level using college-level texts or heavily supplemented.
  • When reporting Honors courses (core courses only)
    • You can use Honors as part of your course title or you can use the Honors (HN) tag or both.
    • In TN, we do not weight Honors courses, but if a student needs a weighted transcript for a particular scholarship, we can provide one.
    • Please specify in the Request Manager when making your request for a transcript.
    • Use care and only use the Honors tag or title for truly advanced level core courses.
    • Remember your child’s ACT/SAT scores should validate his/her transcript.