Standardized Testing

  • HLA does not require standardized testing.
  • Families living in TN, FL, AL and CO who register with HLA, will not be required to test.
  • HLA feels it is up to the discretion of individual families to determine if, when, and how often to test their children.
  • If you are going to test then we recommend not doing so until grades 3-5. (3rd is the absolute earliest; preferably 5th). We do not recommend skipping grade levels because of test results.
  • Remember that testing for the sake of testing is not necessary.  We encourage you to pray and think hard about your reasons for testing.  Testing can provide useful information. However, some children do not take tests well and their scores often do not reflect what they know and have learned. Do not allow test scores to discourage you from what you are doing for your child and the goals that you have set.

Testing options:

  • HLA offers online placement testing/assessments for an additional fee through HomeLife Online.