Students, whose goals involve a 2-year college, vocational school, or military, have the flexibility to build a transcript that will meet the student’s post-secondary needs and goals.  The transcript tells the details of the education. With goal-based planning, you choose which science, math, social studies and elective courses your student will need in order to be prepared for long-term goals.  For example, college-bound students will need the math and science courses required for college admissions.  Students who do not plan to attend college can choose other math and science courses that will best fit their interests and goals.  We recommend parents do extensive research concerning the admission requirements for any post-secondary options your student may be considering as every school is different.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the student takes the necessary courses to meet admission requirements. Below is just a guide to help you get started.

If your student is unsure what he/she wants to do upon graduation, a career assessment might be helpful.

Planning Sheets are available for you to use as a tool when planning for high school.  We have two planning sheet options available.  Choose the one that best fits your need.

Additional math options for seniors


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1 credit = A full year of study or (150 hours)
0.5 credit = A semester of study or (75 hours)

Refer to the Course Guide & Electives and Fields of Study for a list of other courses that may be considered.