HLA Graduation Requirements


The information on this page constitutes the minimum requirements for an HLA Diploma. It is the parent’s responsibility to help their student build a plan of study that fits the student’s goals. Below is information to help you get started and HLA counselors are available to help answer any questions you may have.

Although HLA’s requirements are in line with the State of TN’s public school requirements, there are some important differences, esp. in the areas of math and science. Please note that when you register with HLA, you do not have to fulfill TN State public school requirements, but only those of HLA. If you do not live in TN, you will be responsible for ensuring your student completes any additional coursework needed to satisfy your state guidelines.


Students must meet the following criteria prior to being issued a diploma from HLA:

checkmarkSatisfy all payment requirements including Senior fees.


checkmarkSatisfy all credit requirements (see chart below).


checkmarkSubmit ACT or SAT scores if required for graduation (see below).

HLA will require a student to take the ACT or SAT and submit scores to HLA prior to receiving an HLA diploma under the following circumstances:

  • Students who request an EARLY GRADUATION. (Prior to age 16) Important: Some restrictions may allow due to state education statutes. 
  • Homeschooled students who enter HLA as a senior with a parent-issued transcript.
  • At the discretion of a counselor based on the best interest of the student.



HLA’s options are as diverse as our students. Following is information concerning the different paths available for your student. Please choose one of the following paths for additional information.



Choose this path if your student is planning on attending a 4-year college or university.




Choose this path if your student is planning on attending a 2-year college, technical school or joining the military.




Choose this path if your student is planning to make other life choices such as work/career, ministry or being a homemaker.




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